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Transfer in 4 easy steps

Enter Domain

Simply enter your domain name and click on Transfer.

Enter EPP Code

Enter the EPP code that you obtained from your current provider.


Purchase the domain for a period of at least 1 year.

Confirm Email

Confirm the transfer in the email you have received.

A domain name is an online address that offers a user-friendly way to access a website’s true online locator: its Internet Protocol (IP address). The IP address is a unique string of numbers and other characters that are used across the Internet to access websites from any device or location, but the IP address is hard to remember and enter correctly, so the domain name represents it with a word-based format that is much easier for users to handle. When a user types a domain name into a browser search bar, the browser uses the IP address it represents to access the site.

No, any domain name that has been registered and activated can't be renamed and is locked in to your account for a period of at least a year. You can order a new domain name but this might confuse visitors who are already using your existing domain name.

No, domains are not covered in our refund policy.

Yes, You can order as many new domains as you would like on our Register Domain page.

There are three main courses of action that can help you if you find that the domain name you want is taken.

First of all, you can try and search for an alternative TLD. Our domain checker makes this process easy - we’ll automatically give you suggestions that might suit your project.

Secondly, you can try a different word combination for your label! This might be a great way to have a fresh look at your domain name idea and work on it a little bit more, adding a word or term that will both expand the quality and provide you with an alternative!

Finally, it is always a good idea to think of alternatives before going to search for a domain name. There’s no single right answer, but the possibilities of what you can find are nearly endless.

With us you are never tied to a contract and every payment is done manually, we never automatically deduct money from your account. Choose the payment period yourself; per month, quarter, half year or per year.

You can cancel whenever you want, via My Cubes.

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