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Earn 40% commission from each sale except domains.

Request a payout and receive in 30 days in credits or euros.

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How much can I make?

There is no limit to how much you can earn, with a great sharing strategy and many server sales you can really push your limit and earn more.


Min Payout

The Benefits

40% Commission

After enrolling in our affiliate program via your client area, you can receive a 40% commission for each server sale generated through your referral link. Just share your affiliate link on your social media platforms, and every click that leads to a server purchase will earn you a commission.

Unique Affiliate Link

Upon joining our affiliate program, you will receive a distinctive link linked to your account. This unique link enables you to monitor individuals who click on it or make server purchases through your referral. This streamlined tracking system facilitates easy monitoring of your sales.

Affiliate Panel

With our user-friendly panel, tracking your clicks and earnings becomes a breeze. Stay informed with real-time updates on your earnings, minimum payout thresholds, payments paid-out and the status of customers you've referred—whether they've continued with their orders or canceled.

No Earning Limit

There are no earning limits imposed; your potential income is boundless. By implementing a successful strategy in sharing your affiliate link, you can not only cover the costs of your server but also potentially generate substantial earnings, contingent on the number of successful sales you achieve.

€25 Minimum payout

Once your earnings reach €25 or more, you can begin collecting your payments. This ensures you won't have to wait indefinitely to access your funds. Achieve a balance of €25, and you can start reaping the rewards of your social sharing efforts. taking into account any applicable withdrawal fees*.

30 Day Payout

We have a straightforward 30-day withdrawal time, allowing you to receive your payouts after just 30 days. Numerous affiliates find that their earnings exceed the cost of their server, essentially making their hosting practically free. In fact, some affiliates even earn more as a nice bonus.

* We will pay out 100% of your earnings in credits and 40% when requesting a cash payout in eligible countries only. Excluding transaction costs. Affiliate Terms applies.

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