🇨🇦 🇺🇸 Hello, North America! Try out our new Canadian VPS and Five Reborn (GTA 5) hosting locations!

Support Member

Stand in the frontlines to help our customers with their issues and questions while also delivering input for the betterment of our community.

Development Team

Develop custom software that suits the needs of our customers and the team while servicing existing ones to provide better quality products.

Creative Team

Create designs for the UI, illustrations, logo and more to make cubes feel native for our community.

Content Team

Write industry standard content for our social media and articles of the knowledgebase platform.

Marketing Team

Generate ground breaking unique proposition to develop and grow cubes through advertisements and campaigns.

Human Resources

Manage our team, and guide our members to be the best they can be.

Technical Specialist

Maintain our groundbreaking systems, that make us who we are.

Not Found?

Outside the scope of our positions? Contact us to propose your desired choice.

Compensation Policy

When working for Cubes Hosting you get to regularly test new products and receive services and products as compensation for your efforts and hard work that you are putting into Cubes Hosting.

Learn & Develop

Whilst working as an employee for Cubes Hosting you will learn many new skills and craft ranging anywhere from Customer Support to Administrative Tasks. We make sure no day is the same to become valuable amongst many others.


At Cubes Hosting we work as any other talented and professional team to grow and become one of the best hosting company's in Europe. You will be able to decide on the future of Cubes in our meetings and help Cubes grow with us.


Due to local regulations and the high standards in the industry we have some requirements.

You must have at least some experience with technologies related to either webhosting, discord bots, game hosting or vps hosting. You must also be able to communicate with our customers and our team. The primary language used in our team is English and is as such a requirement. When working for Cubes Hosting you are not allowed to work for any of our competitors. The minimum age requirement to apply for one of our positions is 16 years or older written parental approvement for minors (Under 18) is required. When working at Cubes Hosting we expect you to work at least 5 hours a week as this is only offert as a side-job.

To apply for any of our positions you can write an email to vacancy@cubes.host.

We can only accept applicants from countries that don't have a trading ban with The Netherlands.