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Last updated 23-12-2023 12:30 (dd-mm-yyyy).

Welcome to our Affiliate Program! By participating in our program, you agree to the following terms and conditions that are portrayed in this document.

Account Requirements

  • Account details must be valid for any payout to occur.
  • Accounts must be email verified, and they must contain a phone number (which may be verified by our team).
  • The account owner must be 16 years or older for a credit payout or 18 years or older to receive a bank transfer/PayPal transfer.
  • The account owner must be the owner of the PayPal account or bank account.

Commission Structure

  • The commission of 40% is based on the first term of the placed order.
  • The commission will only be paid-out when a minimum balance of €25 has been reached.
  • Domain products will not be counted as commission due to costs associated with them.

Fraudulent & Refund Activity

  • Any fraudulent activity, such as using your own affiliate link to place orders with fake accounts, will result in not receiving any payout.
  • Any chargeback payment/refunded payment will not be counted towards the affiliate program.

Payout Details

  • We will payout 100% of the earned commission in Cubes Balance and 40% in euros through PayPal or Bank transfer.
  • When requesting a payout, it will take a minimum of 30 days to process to ensure no refunds/chargebacks can be made.
  • If we detect a significant number of chargebacks on orders placed with your affiliate link, we may decide to remove the ability to use our affiliate program with or without notice.
  • We reserve the right to refuse payout to anyone suspected of making fraudulent use of our service.
  • We can currently only process euro payouts through bank transfer for individuals residing in the EER with a valid European bank account.
  • Euro payouts through PayPal are available for individuals residing in the EER, Andorra, San Marino, Monaco, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, and the United States.
  • No exceptions will be made regarding this policy; however, affiliates can still request payout in Cubes Balance.

We reserve the right to close affiliate accounts if these terms and conditions are not upheld by the account owner.

By participating in our affiliate program, you acknowledge and agree to comply with these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to update or modify these terms at any time, and it is the responsibility of the affiliate to review and adhere to the updated terms. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not join our affiliate program.